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About Us

RV Nutritional LLC was established in 2013 with the intention to bring pharmaceutical products accessible to all patients and institutions.  Your health is our primary goal and for that reason we create highest-quality products that provide people with new experiences for better compliance; addresses expressed needs and make lives better.  Our team is engaged to bring only the best; inspired to develop unique products. Today, health and nutritional concerns are especially important for our quality of life. For this reason, our company is committed to benefit with our products the health and well-being of patients. This is possible by offering a service of excellence and providing only quality products that address the needs of patients and meet the exigencies of physicians.   



As the CEO of a fast-growing pharmaceutical company, it is my responsibility to continuously build and form a company that is competitive, resilient, and innovative, allowing us to successfully navigate in a complex and constantly changing industry.

For me it’s an honor to serve healthcare professionals and healthcare systems for the well-being of the patients.


Ricardo E Vicens Castillo
Chief Executive Officer